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Break Through (1979)

Starting in late May 1944, during the German retreat on the Eastern Front, Captain Stransky (Helmut Griem) orders Sergeant Steiner (Richard Burton) to blow up a railway tunnel to prevent Russian forces from using it. Steiner's platoon fails in its mission by coming up against a Russian tank. Steiner...
Cross of iron (1977)

Cross of Iron is a 1977 war film directed by Sam Peckinpah, featuring James Coburn, James Mason, Maximilian Schell, and David Warner.
Set in 1943 on the Eastern Front of World War II, Cross of Iron is the story of the class conflict between a newly-arrived, aristocratic officer who covets the I...
The Abortian Ward (1981)

This is a glimpse through the iron curtain; the desparate love story of Victor - a middle aged sculptor who must serve the regime rather than his art - and Leah, a very young girl who becomes pregnant but would not tell the man she loves, so as not to interfere with what she, naively, considers his ...
Barschel - Murder in Geneva (1994)

Politic Thriller - The German Watergate !
German & English undertitel !!!
The bellboy and the playgirls (1962)

Originally filmed entirely in black-and-white, this German sex comedy centers on a bellhop who prepares for his dream job of becoming a detective by spying on half-naked chorines through a keyhole.
Francis Ford Coppola, June Wilkinson, Don Kenney, Karin Dor, Willy Fritsch
Be-Bassi - English (2011)

A man wanted to cure her wife in the best clinic but he do not have the means to do so.this frustration led the man to kidnap a child from a couple.

On return he asked rs 40000 in 3 hours and he succeeded in doing so.Arriving home with the money, he unfortunately see his wife dead.what will...
Black angels of Santa Fe (1965)

A horrible and bloody Indian raid on a small town sends the townspeople to the local fort for help and protection.

With only a handful of men left in his command and his hand tied by massive Army red tape and regulations, the Captain of the fort enlists the aid of frontiersman Clint McPhearson (...
Could but dream that dream once more (1996)

The Film is based on excerpts from the novel Genji Monogatari (The story of
Prince Genji) by Murasaki Shikibu, written around 1004 and 1011 in Japan.
It is not a traditional film version of a book. Instead, it uses the text as a narrative thread spoken from the "off" to tell a love story: From...
Deadly Brigade (1985)

Sao Paulo, Brazil‘s raging metropolis. 14 million people on a powder keg. Hot bed of crime and playground of international business. Top player Dr. Reynaldo made a couple of million bucks for his boss, who now plans to wind up his holding. 

Heading for the coup of his life Reynaldo organizes ...
Enter the seven virgins ( Yang Chi ) (1974)

Five stunningly beautitui vixens are abducted off a cargo ship by a gang of not-quite-as-handsome pirates.  They are dragged to a bandits palace where - according to the wishes of tlhe maiicious gang boss - they are supposed to he introduced to the mysterious wonders of ancient

Asian sex secret...

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