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Gordian Troeller - Kinder der Welt 12 : Parieren geht ueber studieren (1987)

Wie ueberall ist auch in Japan die Schule das Spiegelbild der Gesellschaft. Die LerninhaIte wurden zwar von Europa und den USA uebernommen, die Verhaltensweisen aber blieben japanisch. Im Unterricht zum Beispiel sind Meinungsaeusserungen, Nachfragen oder gar Kritik verpoent. Die Furcht au...
Harun Farocki : Inextinguishable fire - japanese subtitled (1969)

"When we show you pictures of napalm victims, you'll shut your eyes. You'll close your eyes to the pictures. Then you'll close them to the memory. And then you'll close your eyes to the facts."
These words are spoken at the beginning of an agitprop film that can be viewed as a unique and remark...
Harun Farocki : Nothing ventured - japanese subtitled (2004)

Harun Farocki : Worker leaving the factory - japanese subtitled (1995)

Workers Leaving the Factory - such was the title of the first cinema film ever shown in public. For 45 seconds, this stillexistant sequence depicts workers at the photographic products factory in Lyon owned by the brothers Louis and Auguste Lumière hurrying, closely packed, out of the shadows of th...
The Attractions of the Jungfrau - Region (Japanese Version) (0000)

Japenese Version :

Discover one of the most fascinating countrysides the world has to offer; famous tourist towns, cablecar trips on First, Schilthorn and Maennlichen.

Helicopter flights over the grand Aletsch glacier as well as over 200 miles of hiking trails. Not forgetting the open-air W...

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