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Big Treasure Chest for Future Kids - Turkey (1999)

Implementation of the project consists of three fields of action:

A. Children and young people in different countries / cultures are encouraged to express by creative means their values they want to share with their contemporaries worldwide as well as with future generations.

B. These Messages...
Dreams of the Dragon´s Children (1988)

CHINA 1988

With this film we go on a trip through China from South to North. What are the dreams of life of the young chinese generation - THE DRAGON'S CHILDREN - in this year 1988 when the film was shot?

Pierre Hoffmann with a cameraman from India, a chinese team of technicians and three stu...
A Flamenco Event (2011)

A performance by the Flamenco Academy of Art - academia de baile flamenco, led by Jose Manuel Sanchez y Cati

Choreography: José Manuel Sanchez y Cati
Music: Traditional Music and original compositions of guitarist Carlos Bertolo & Reiner & Luetzenkirchen
Saenger: Juan Penas
Ache - The African Soul of Cuba (1995)

By Google Translator:

A film full of music, magic and ecstasy of Elke Jonigkeit

A soup bowl is a soup bowl. A stone is a stone. But a stone in a soup bowl can be a god, an African Orisha who has survived all hostility, all the wrongs of centuries in secret. The slave ships brought his time n...
Adamski - engl. (1993)

Berlin (East) in Germany after reunification. Horst Adamski lives alone in a gray suburb and works as a detective in a store. The atmosphere at work is hostile.
One day, Adamski discovers a woman thief who is particularly cunning - Lili. Instead of arresting her, Adamski pursues her outside the...
Alaska´s white Pass & Yukon Route - The Gold Rush Railroad (0000)

"Give me enough dynamite and snoose and l'll build a road to hell..."

...said Michael J. "Big Mike" Heney when told that the plan to build the 10 million dollar railroad had been scrapped. In the 1898, the impossible became reality. After just two years, the first train steamed over the famous Wh...
Americans on Everest (1963)

In the winter of 1963, a small band of climbers embarked on one of the greatest adventures of our time. Fighting altitude, falling ice, freezing winds and snowstorms, they challenged the world's tallest mountain. Led by Norman Dyhrenfurth, who also produced and directed this film, the expedition mar...
Around Arunachala - engl. (1997)

All our lives we search for the secret of life.

Those who have seen and experienced the ARUNACHALA Hill at Tiruvannamalai, where Sri RAMANA MAHARSHI attained Nirvana, have found that its presence is all p e r v a s i v e and r e v e a l i n g. (S. Sapru)
Astroeuros - english (2007)

A downright untruthful affair...
What about if the Euro is ruled by some curious esoteric freaks with the big moneys in their hands? And what, if the coin would be a symbol for the twelve stars and so on?
AstroEuros is a downright untruthful conspiracy story about the EURO and dark financi...
Automat Kalashnikov (1999)

The portrait of a weapon which, unlike any other, has become the embodiment of a global political idea: AK47 is synonymous with armed struggle and battles for "liberation from imperialist suppression" all over the world. Its very name conjures up images of freedom fighters, guerillas, revolutionarie...

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