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Antal Dorati - Missa Solemnis u.A. (1988)

Beethoven schrieb ueber die Noten seiner Missa solemnis: „Bitte um inneren und aeusseren Frieden“.

Mit dieser Botschaft machten sich 1988 Musiker aus aller Welt auf den Weg zu einer Friedenstournee nach Berlin, Dresden, Moskau und London.

Initiator war der Dirigent Antal Dorati, der mit ...
Horrors of spider island (1960)

Eight sexy showgirls (including Euro bombshell Barbara Valentin) and their macho manager, Gary (Alex D'Arcy), survive a plane crash by taking refuge on a remote tropical island.

As the gals adjust to the heat and humidity by removing most of their clothes, they also meet one of their new neighbo...
Journey to the Amazon (1996)

John Baptiste Spix and Carl Philipp Martius in Brazil.
In May of 1817, all of Vienna was abuzz over the marriage of Leopoldine, doughter of the Austrian Kaiser Franz I. to the crown prince of Portugal, the future emperor of Brazil.
Leopoldine had to embark on a long, difficult sea voyage t...
Re-member you are a Buddha (2003)

Historical and living master RE-MEMBER ! 

German & English
One day of the master - english / german (1996)

Words of PAPAJI + Music + Oberservation + Silence

This Film documents one day of Sri H.W.L. Poonja: ( Papaji) during the momingwalk, driving by car, Satsang, lunch, having guests etc....... Observations and essential quotes of the master.

This film is an welldone introduction with a lot of m...
Skyburrial in Mustang (1994)

In mustang and other Tibetan high-lying valleys the air burial is usual. Tibet and Mustang lie behind the Himalaya main chain, her athmosphaere is extremely dry. The wood is missing for burning the corpses, if they are buried, get mummified merely.

Therefore untouchable prepare the bodies of dec...
Spirituality in practical life - Part 1 (2003)

Arjuna Ardagh reports based on scentific research and personal experience including the spiritual background of man, about the following topics:
- parenting,- being in partnership, also after devorcing, - the quality of daily life,- differences between male and female energy.

And their consequen...
Time of awakening Part 1 (1999)

"You can't be touched by the Divine without something happening. You can't be an instrument of the Divine without this fire cleansing you, without the ego totally being destroyed. It happens naturally. It is not about doing some work to save the world. You will save the world, but not the way you th...
Yogini - Urban Tantra - engl. (2002)

Unemployed  son,  father  and  grandfather  from the countryside  visit big  city Berlin.  Grandpa sees a fascinating Tantra  Yoga woman  and  follows her. He will  never tell  his  family  anything  about those aspects of  urban life.  But such  erotic adventures could also happe...
Big Treasure Chest for Future Kids - Belarus (1999)

Implementation of the project consists of three fields of action:

A. Children and young people in different countries / cultures are encouraged to express by creative means their values they want to share with their contemporaries worldwide as well as with future generations.

B. These Messages...

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