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Girls between 2 worlds (2011)

Millions of children in Lima (Peru) grow up in the poorest conditions and, in most cases, are not given the chance to receive a good education or any vocational training due to their poor social status.

However, there is a glimmer of hope in the middle of the slum quarter “El Agustino”: it is...
Germans in America 1 : Into the promised land (2005)

Summer 2003: a group of 40 German-Americans from Loose Creek, Missouri travel to Germany. They are on a search for their roots and will find them in a farm in the Rhineland. One-hundred-fifty years ago, the Münks farm was the birthplace of their ancestors.

For German emigrants in the 19th centur...
Germans in America 2 : The price of freedom (2005)

The year is 1862. A group of 65 young men are fleeing across the Texas prairie. These sons of German-American farmers are desperately trying to break through to the North to fight for the Union army. Suddenly, they run into trouble in the form of Confederate troops. Their riverside camp is surrounde...
Germans in America 3 : Little Germanies (2005)

June 15, 1904, screams fill the air over the East River. The screaming of people who are drowning. The “General Slocum,” an excursion boat, is on its way to Long Island. On board are mostly families from New York’s Little Germany. Over one thousand German-Americans die in the river on this ear...
Germans in America 4 : A people disappears (2005)

Germany 1937: Sixteen-year-old Max Ebel, a known Anti-Fascist, is threatened by Hitler Youths. He is wounded with a knife. Staying in Germany is becoming life-threatening for him. So he decides to flee to Boston, where his father is living.

By the early twentieth century, the German-Americans hav...
Dreams of the Dragon´s Children (1988)

CHINA 1988

With this film we go on a trip through China from South to North. What are the dreams of life of the young chinese generation - THE DRAGON'S CHILDREN - in this year 1988 when the film was shot?

Pierre Hoffmann with a cameraman from India, a chinese team of technicians and three stu...
The tunnel of Sarajevo (2008)

1994 Sarejwo under siege. A Tunnel is build under the runway. For 4 years this Tunnel becomes the only way in and out of the city.

A Google translation:

Sarajevo in May 1993: Round on the mountains are the Serbian troops with heavy equipment, there is no way out of the encircled city: No way...
The Women of Ravensbrueck (2005)

"The dreams I have today. Only that I no more not cry. "

About 120,000 women have Ravensbrueck, the largest women's concentration camp of the Nazi past, suffered. Most of the survivors have never spoken of it.

As it was, in the middle of everyday life torn in the horror world of a concentrati...
In the Shadow of Gulag - As a German born under Stalin (2011)

"The shooting was not performed so that he was solemnly placed on the wall. He was led into the shower and he was shot in the neck "(Walter Nauschütz)

A life in the shadow of the Gulag 'remember eight women and men who spent their childhood and youth in the Soviet Union and its German parent dur...
The Children of Himmler - Town (1983)

A Google Translation :

A film about the fate of about 45,000 children from the region of Zamosc ( Himmlerstadt ) that were affected by the Nazi action ' special laboratory SS' .

1942/43, planned the German occupiers , Zamosc and the surrounding 300 villages after evacuation , " pacification ...

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