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Der Daemon des Himalaya (1935)

Dies ist ein Film des beruehmten Geologen, Himalayaforschers und Bergsteigers Guenther Oskar Dyhrenfurth ( 1888 - 1975 ), des Vaters von Norman G. Dyhrenfurth.

Eine europaeische Himalaya - Expedition kaempft mit den Waffen der Ratio gegen die Bergdaemonen des Himalaya. An der Handlungsschnur des...
Americans on Everest (1963)

In the winter of 1963, a small band of climbers embarked on one of the greatest adventures of our time. Fighting altitude, falling ice, freezing winds and snowstorms, they challenged the world's tallest mountain. Led by Norman Dyhrenfurth, who also produced and directed this film, the expedition mar...
Tibetian death rites (1979)

In Buddhism, death lies at the beginning of a new life, a rebirth on the long path toward ultimate enlightenment.

The rites of death, in the Khumbu region of Nepal, near the base of Mount Everest, demonstrate a deep-rooted belief of the natives, and the hope for a better life after death in the ...
Samsara - Ein tibetisches Erbe (1955)

S.H. der 14. Dalai Lama empfaengt eine Gruppe von Tibetern, die unlaengst aus ihrem von China besetzten Heimatland nach Dharamsala, dem Sitz der tibetischen Exil-Regierung in Nordindien, gefluechtet war: “Willkommen in diesem freien Land . . . Die Begegnung mit euch bereitet mir grosse Freude . . ...
Samsara - A tibetan heritage (1955)

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama welcomes a group of Tibetans, who have recently fled from their homeland, occupied by the Chinese, to Dharamsala, seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile : " Welcome to this free country ! . . . Meet- ing you gives me great joy ... The really important thing is that ...
Children in exile (1992)

A moving documentation of the Tibetan Childrens Village in Dharamsala, seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile in Northern India. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzing Gyatso, speaks the closing words to the film.

Eine beruehrende Dokumentation ueber das tibetische Kinderdorf in Dharamsal...
Tibetische Totenfeier (1979)

Der international mehrfach ausgezeichnete Film schildert die buddhistischen Todesriten in der nepalischen Khumbu-Provinz zu Fuessen des Mount Everest.
Norman G. Dyhrenfurth konnte die ueber drei Tage dauernde Totenfeier, die Verbrennung der Mutter des hoechsten Lamas von Tupden-Chueling, als e...
The search for the Yeti (1958)

A book by Gardner Soule with the title “Trail of the abominable snowman" begins with the following quotation : "The Yeti is one of the last mysteries on this earth which remains to be solved.” - Norman G. Dyhrenfurth, Leader, American Mount Everest Expedition 1963.
The legendary snowman has...
Himalaya - Piloten & Pioniere (1960)

Ein Film ueber Alpinisten, einen wagemutigen Piloten und eine Propellermaschine, mit der man so hoch wie moeglich an die hoechsten Berge der Welt heranfliegen moechte.

Der Schweizer Emil Wick, eln Himalaya - Pilot von internationalem Ruf, landet bei Shyangboche, Ostnepal in 3.700 m Hoehe. Waehren...
Magnificence in trust (1965)

In Alaska, where grandeur is commanplace, and wildernees is close to every door, there are nevertheless some places so exemplary that they have been established as national parklands, their integrity preserved for enjoyment born of inspiration and a better understanding of our Earth.
Skiing - American style (1969)

This film was made in Aspen, Colorado during INTERSKI 1969, a meeting of the best ski instructors of many nations that takes place every three years. Among those present is Professor Stefan Kruckenhauser, the Austrian “father” of the technique of "Wedeln". Zeno Colo and a host of other famous sk...
Ski the outer limits (1969)

SKI THE OUTER LIMITS has become a classic of the short film. Photographed at Vail, Jackson Hole, Taos, Chamonix, Kitzbuehel, in both slow motion and natural speed, it shows the style, control, and balance required to push toward the outer limits of one´s ability. Downhill racing, slalom and giant s...
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