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Welcome Goerlitz (2006) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Welcome Goerlitz
20 minutes documentary video clip showing the authentic atmosphere in European city Goerlitz-Zgorzelec.

This Movie is the result of one year shooting. Since World War 2 the city is divided in two parts: West of the river Neisse came to Germany, East of that river to Poland.

This is not one of those nice designed image movies normally being used for tourism business of to demonstrate an inner European harmony, which maybe does not exist in real life. Here the streets are not brushed, the normal citizens are not out-of-focus the cameras, and no actors from outer cities came to make a pseudo documentary!

A fascinating docu video clip, providing the real life here in the hearth of Europe, still being divided by the Schengen border, but most fascinating, charming and worth living.
Laufzeit: 19 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Travel, Ausland, Dokumentationen, Poland, Fremdsprachen, English
Land: Polen
Produzent: Juergen Hoppmann Film

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