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The wide country : The conquest of Siberia 2 (1996) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

The wide country : The conquest of Siberia 2
End 16. Century pulled a small cossack troop under the legendary Ataman Jermak over the Urals direction the east. With it one of most important and most exciting conquests of history began. While in the west the American continent was discovered, pulled in the east Russian Kosaken, dealer and farmer over 10,000 kilometers up to the Pacific and settled the country.
Conquest Sibiriens is an exciting adventure history - a history of adventurers and businessmen, hunters and bandits, expeditions and peoples; of political banishing and Gulag; of gigantic economic enterprises, of wealth and emergency.
But America had its film factory Hollywood, which protected, in addition, many wrong stories over the country, its humans and its conquest told. Siberia remained the cold country in the east, the adventure of its conquest remained unknown.
The available serie “THE WIDE COUNTRY” tells history Sibiriens in 3 consequences. When an exciting assembling of material photographs, unknown file copies, photos and interviews the author Heiko Petermann develops a multicolored consequence of stories overSiberia and its humans to a maintaining and informative adventure
1904 begin the first war between Russia and Japan. Develops at the same time a revolutionary situation, which escalates in the autumn 1905. On American pressure Japan and Russia sign a peace treaty, briefly thereafter take place the first Russian revolution. Their bloody striking down provides for the Czar-Empire only a short breathing space, the days old Russia is counted. For Siberia it is a good time. The areas along the Trans-Siberian railway are settled strengthened by farmers from west Russia, the port Wladiwostok develop to the commercial metropolis for the far east Sibiriens. At the Tomsker University of, the first university ofSibiria, are 30 % of the
professors from Germany. One of them buys also the first airplane of Sibiria. While young students for the first time see the far country from above, a special command of the political police made of Moscow arrests the bandit troop of the Anaschwili. Since they have their nuisance in Siberia driven 15 years, courses, postkutschen and mine safe deposits attack, and could escape nevertheless again and again.
The revolution of 1917 changes the life in Siberia radically. The civil war separates humans into the families inside, destroys the economic structures. The cossack family Kiriakin stands as example of eventful history that time. The Kiriakins experiences drastically the fall of the old time and the inconsiderate back and forth the recent,
communist time.
Siberia experiences the invasion of the Englishmen, Americans, and the Japanese, the exciting history of the Czech Legion and the Czars gold, the murder of the Czar family in Jekatarinenburg, the anarchist Karandaschwili and the bloody crazy person baron von Ungern-Sternberg during the civil war. Are first of the successor of the Czar to see from admiral Koltschak, films the obligation collectivization of the Siberian farmers and peoples is shown. With the first five-year plan the Bolsheviks create enormous industrial complexes in Siberia and bring ten thousands workers there.
The building of the first camps begins at the same time. The new dictator Stalin puts his hand on the far country.
TV-Serie von 3 x 58 min. Detmold 1996
Produzent : SCREEN TV GMBH
Buch und Regie : Heiko Petermann
Kamera : Thomas Stokowski
Laufzeit: 58 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Documentarys, BluRay, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Russische Föderation
Produzent: Screen TV - Heiko Petermann

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