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The wide country : The conquest of Siberia 1 (1996) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

The wide country : The conquest of Siberia 1
End 16. Century pulled a small cossack troop  under the legendary Ataman Jermak over the Urals direction the east. With it one of most important and most exciting conquests of history began. While in the west the American continent was discovered, pulled in the east Russian Kosaken, dealer and farmer over 10,000 kilometers up to the Pacific and settled the country.
Conquest Sibiriens is an exciting adventure history - a history of adventurers and businessmen, hunters and bandits, expeditions and peoples; of political banishing and Gulag; of gigantic economic enterprises, of wealth and emergency.
But America had its film factory Hollywood, which protected, in addition, many wrong stories over the country, its humans and its conquest told. Siberia remained the cold country in the east, the adventure of its conquest remained unknown.
The available serie “THE WIDE COUNTRY” tells history Sibiriens in 3 consequences. When an exciting assembling of material photographs, unknown file copies, photos and interviews the author Heiko Petermann develops a multicolored consequence of stories over Siberia and its humans to a maintaining and informative adventure report.
On behalf of the buyers Stroganoff the Kosak Jermak with a small troop pulls 1582 over the Urals direction the east. After a battle against the Tartaren the way is free and conquest Sibiriens begins.
The expeditions of the Kosaken Deschnew, the unknown discoverer of the water way between Asia and America and Berings advance up to the Pacific, outline of Russia borders. Also the exploitation of the far country begins at the same time. At the beginning the inconceivable fur wealth lures, the first occurrences of  natural resources is found 200 years later. The trade with Chinese tea makes some dealers rich, but Siberia waits still for its development. Alaska is sold, but the money lands in the cash of the Zaren. Only with the large gold finds comes a
boom, which humans follow from the whole world into the wilderness of the taiga. With them come also ever more farmer, in order to settle in the far country. In addition, with them ten thousands pull in chains. Hard labour and banishing stand at the beginning of Sibiriens history and become it to center 20. Century coin/shape.
The building of the Trans-Siberian railway end of the last century brings an enormous development thrust. Trade and economics explode formally. While the trade with Siberian butter brings the country more than the gold promotion, at the same time the discontent with the government in the far St. Petersburg and the weak Zaren Nikolaus II. grows. When Japanese troops attack Siberia in the year 1904, the situation in the country sharpens itself ever more too.
The film shows earliest photographs of the Siberian peoples, from Schamanen, rituals, gold graves, village life, and obtains a multicolored picture of the first 300 years of Siberian history.
TV-Serie von 3 x 58 min. Detmold 1996
Produzent : SCREEN TV GMBH
Buch und Regie : Heiko Petermann
Kamera : Thomas Stokowski
Laufzeit: 58 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Documentarys, BluRay, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Russische Föderation
Produzent: Screen TV - Heiko Petermann

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