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The Thelon Expedition 2 (1999) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

The Thelon Expedition 2
After three weeks of arduous journey finally the watershed is reached. The Chipewayan Joseph Catholique shoots a Caribou, welcome addition of the scarce becoming food. Over Whitefish and Lynx Lake goes it into the delta of the Thelon. River downward the expedition team paddled now by beautiful landscapes to the first supplying base.
After completion of the food stocks it goes direction Barren Lands. But the hoped summer fails to appear this year. Intense north winds prevent the canoes from driving on, again and again paddling for the extraordinary effort becomes. There are over 20 rapids which demand a use full of all participants and the boats.
Nevertheless the team reaches the Thelon of protected area according to plan and approaches the second Food drop. But the Tyrrell Bluffs is driven through before, that enormous barrier of full waterfalls and rapid currents, by which  the Thelon direction east have to go. It becomes a dramatic day! Already in the morning keel over two canoes,  also the boat of the camera team. Nothing lost, but it must be inserted later one drying day, in order to repair the equipment. Fortunately all remain when passing the Canyon intactly.
The search of the old Cabin and the graves of Hornby and its two companions, which died here 1926, has few days after success. But also the team now feels the efforts of the past weeks, particularly since the weather becomes clearly worse. Nevertheless the last 14 days bring incomparable impressions in a unique nature, under it numerous meetings with Moschus-oxes. At the large lakes the families of the two Inuit Roy and Jason already come to meet the expedition. There is a seeing again after 11 weeks. The arrival in Bakerlake becomes settlement participates. Roy, during the journey father of a daughter become, takes for the first time his daughter into the arm.
TV-Serie von 2 x 44 min.
Produzent : SCREEN TV GMBH
Buch und Regie : Heiko Petermann
Kamera : Juergen Fries
Laufzeit: 51 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Documentarys, Travel, BluRay, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Kanada
Produzent: Screen TV - Heiko Petermann

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