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Schoolgirl Report 3 : What parents find unthinkable (engl. Subtitle) (1971) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Schoolgirl Report 3 : What parents find unthinkable (engl. Subtitle)
They say the third time\'s the charm and what charming girls there are in this sensationally sexy third film in the SCHOOLGIRL REPORT series! This pseudo-documentary series of classic German exploitation shows the temptations young German youths were experiencing in the free-lovin 1970s! more sex.

"What Parents Find Unthinkable" poses even more questions about teen sex and lifestyle. A new sexual education guide has been published in Germany to help boys and girls widerstand and enjoy a healthy sex life. Can the young people of today be responsible? You\'ll see a modern day Lolita seduce a classmate\'s father after tennis practice ("40 Love" indeed!), a violent sexual encounter in the girls restroom at a local school, a group of promiscuous nude girls "haunt" a boys dormitory... and more!

This series was most known for the crazy hairdos, wild fashion extravaganzas, beautiful young German women, bizarre humor and Gert Wilden\'s stunning beat music. If you haven\'t seen a SCHOOLGIRL REPORT film then what are you waiting for?
1971 / 96 Min.   FSK 16
Laufzeit: 96 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Movies, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Deutschland
Produzent: Rapid Film e.K. - Wolf C. Hartwig

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This movie can only be downloaded between 22:00 and 06:00 o'clock MEZ (german time) because of child safety!


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