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Sacy perere - english (1984) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Sacy perere - english
A documentary about Brazilian music in French emigration.
I come from the people of Yorubá
I am the son of Nago
I was once a king
I have no master
I am the son of the wind and time
I am the son of Jacutá
Otá is my element
through which I can speak
Play agogo!
Vibrate with adja!
Play aluja!
In a new song for my people
I am from the people of Yorubá
(Carlos Negreiros: I come from Yorubá)

„Sacy Perere“ is the name of a group of Brazilian musicians, who met up in Paris some years ago after having emigrated. The name stems from a Brazilian legend: Sacy Perere was carried off, along with other slaves, from Africa to Brazil. Due to a punishment imposed by his master, Sacy lost his leg. Since then Sacy, the one-legged boy with the red cap, has been the spirit which leads travellers on by whispering his story in their ear; the symbol of an oral tradition in which music is an important element for the perpetuation of the black people, their culture, and their life.

During several days the camera follows the rehearsals of the five musicians - four instrumentalists and one singer. The central subject of their work is the tradition of Brazilian music; the African roots of the Samba and the manifold forms which reflect the history of black music in Brazil. With the help of improvisation which is most important to them these musicians try to associate traditional and modern music. „ Sound unites people through invisible energies. The Africans know these mysteries. They possess this science, which is contemptuously described as primitive.“

The search for a new expression means also a research of the own history; a new orientation compared to those industrial forms of today's music.

The film SACY PERERE shows a process - how music can be created.

Rolf Coulanges

„All of us left Brazil for personal reasons, but above all to escape from social and cultural control, and censorship. We wanted to escape the destruction which is taking place, subconsciously, through catholizism, Europeanisation and the lack of schools. To be black is dirty, it is necessary to have a ‘white’ soul. Our way of life has been transformed and we are trying to find ourselves again through our music. Music is an examination of ourselves.“

„Sacy Perere“

60 min. 16mm b&w  1984
Laufzeit: 59 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Documentarys, English, Brazil, Fremdsprachen
Land: Brasilien
Produzent: Amber-Film - Rolf Coulanges
IMDb: tt0180969

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