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On the move is a save place (1997) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

On the move is a save place
"What is the perfect murder? Maybe the one everyone has heard about, the murderer everyone knows and yet everyone still keeps quiet", says the Cologne author Peter Finkelgruen at the beginning of a journey that will take us to various continents.

In his book "Haus Deutschland" (House Germany) he describes the murder of his Jewish grandfather in the "Kleinen Festung Theresienstadt" in December 1942 and his vain efforts to bring the murderer, the former Gestapo agent Anton Malloth, to court in Germany.

This preoccupation with the unatoned murder marks the beginning of his search for his own origins.

We began our voyage to the places, which became the most important stations of his life, in the fall of 1996.
Peter Finkelgruen was born in 1942 in Shanghai. His paxents, along with 30.000 other Jewish refugees, fled to escape the gas chambers and landed in Shanghai after an adventurous journey.

The city was occupied by the Japanese. Their German Allies sent the "Warsaw Butcher", Josef Meisinger, in order to convince the Japanese that even here, ten thousand kilometers away from Germany, they should begin with the liquidation on the Jews.

In 1943, the Hongkou district, a poor quarter of Shanghai, was declared a ghetto for stateless peoples. The young family Finkelgruen hat to move into the ghetto. Many people, especially older men and women, but also children, did not survive the many hardships. Peter Finkelgruen's father also died.

Peter and his mother left Shanghai in December 1946 and went to Prag, where his grandmother was living. She had survived imprisonment in a concentration camp and later returned to the city, which had been the familiy home before they were forced to flee from the Nazis. In 1942 she was arrested by the Gestapo. This was a time in which a man by the name of Martin Schleyer was reponsible for the "aryanization" of Jewish capital.

In 1950 Peter Finkelgruen's mother died of the consequences resulting from her flight and the trials of exile. In her last letter to her brother and sister-in-law in Israel she wrote "I entrust you with little Peter". So Peter's grandmother went abroad with her grandson.

They travelled on a freight ship bringing other European an Maroccan Jews to Israel. They reached Haifa in the spring of 1951-Haifa, was the goal for many Holocaust survivors.

Altough the passagers were of different skin color and spoke different languages, they all had one thing in common: they hoped to have finally arrived.

In the fall of 1996, a ship once again brings Peter Finkelgruen to Haifa. "Of course, I can say that the sum of all these places is my home. But then you are once again on the move."

Buch                              :           Katharina Schubert / Dietrich Schubert
Kamera                          :           Uwe Schaefer
Kameraassistenz           :           Albert Liesegang, Giuliano Mannini
Ton                                :           Michael Loeken
Schnitt                           :           Ingrid Terheggen
Musik                             :           Wolfgang Hamm
Mischung                       :           Meik Kornfuehrer
Produktion                    :           Katharina Schubert
Laufzeit: 89 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Documentarys, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Deutschland
Produzent: Dietrich Schubert - Filmproduktion

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