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L´horizon d´amour - english (2009) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

L´horizon d´amour - english
Ajay, a student, loves Jessica, who has been recently cheated by her boyfriend, refuses to engage her in a new relationship. With her broken heart, she ignores Ajay but Ajay still believes that Jessica will love him one day. Finally, Jessica falls in love with Ajay as Yousouf and Yasmine convince her. Will Ajay accept Jessica?
Pooja, a simple and rich girl, loves Ajay secretly also knowing the fact that Ajay loves Jessica. Consequently, we see Pooja doing lots of sacrifice, praying to win her love.
In the mean time, Ajay is trapped by his enemy, Rock. Also, his parents force him to start a new relationship with a girl named Julie.
At the end, Rock kills Pooja. Ajay avenges the death of Pooja and he is sentenced.
After 30 years of imprisonment, Ajay returns at Jessica’s place but accidentally Jessica takes Ajay to be a criminal and she shoots him with a gun.
Laufzeit: 70 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Movies, Mauritius, Fremdsprachen, English
Land: Mauritius, Republik
Produzent: Ajay Ramphul Film

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