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Canada by canoe part 1 (2000) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Canada by canoe part 1
In June 1999 starts a group of Chipewayan Indians and Inuit under line of the 73-jaehrigen of hunter and falling plate Noel Drybone crosswise to an Kanu expedition of the large slave lake by the Canadian north direction Hudson Bay.  The two-month Kanu expedition over 1400 km is accompanied by a German TV team.  It is a journey by unaffected wild nature, an extreme challenge at humans and material and a unique adventure.  The expedition of Chipewayan Indians and Bakerlake Inuit by their traditional hunting grounds is the first common enterprise of the two northCanadian peoples.  In the negotiations with the government around political self-determination consciousness grew by the own cultural identity. 

While the Inuit with the establishment of Nunavut at the 1.April achieved 1999 a limited autonomy, this process is not yet final with the Chipewayan. Is the more important the expedition with users of both peoples, under guidance of an experienced indianischen Elder, for to the today almost unexplored Canadian north.  The western part of this area is for the Chipewayan, the eastern hunt traditional for the Inuit for thousands of years and Trappergebiet.  Start 19.  Century begin British, Canadian, to pull American and Norwegian discoverers and adventurers through the country and give first reports.  Legendary and also tragic meaning gets John Hornby. 

Its journeys between 1910 and 1926 supply important scientific and geographical knowledge and lead finally 1926 to the establishment to 55,000 qkm global Thelon with of the Game Sanctuary.  In particular the protection of the Moschusochsen threatened before becoming extinct is to be owed Hornby.  Hornby dies 1926 during the crossing of the area.  The expedition follows the tracks of John Hornby;  upstream the almost uncontrollable Snowdrift;  over the large seas to the Thelon Quellfluessen;  then the Thelon river downward by the wild-rich protected area into the territory Nunavut of the Inuit politically autonomous since the 1.April 1999 until Bakerlake. 
The expedition starts large slaves under line of the 73-jaehrigen of Chipewyan Indian Noel Drybone of the Chipewayan settlement Lutsel K'e at the lake in the Snowdrift River.  Despite the warnings of the Indians the expedition tries to go to the difficult Snowdrift river upward up to the Thelon Quellgebiet.  It is breath-robbing the first meeting with a beautiful nature and a river, which prove as genuine challenge.  Current-fast block again and again drive on.  Often the boats and the entire equipment must be carried by forests and sumps.  „Der the north does not forgive errors.  Learn the country to respect and it gives to you, what you for surviving brauchst.“  Noel Drybone says.  But the weather from the best page still shows up, is the travel into Canadian spring a fantastic experience.  At the Sandy Lake can be observed for the first time a herd Moschusochsen and dipped briefly thereafter the first Caribous up, harbingers of the herds, which move from the large lakes in the north direction the south west. 
TV series of 2 x 28, 2000
Producer : SCREEN TV
Book and direction : Heiko Peterman
Camera : Juergen Fries
Laufzeit: 28 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Travel, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Kanada
Produzent: Screen TV - Heiko Petermann

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