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Break Through (1979) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Break Through
Starting in late May 1944, during the German retreat on the Eastern Front, Captain Stransky (Helmut Griem) orders Sergeant Steiner (Richard Burton) to blow up a railway tunnel to prevent Russian forces from using it. Steiner's platoon fails in its mission by coming up against a Russian tank. Steiner then takes a furlough to Paris just as the Allies launch their invasion of Normandy.
Steiner's unit is transferred to France, occupying the village of St. Bologne. General Hoffman (Curd Jürgens) orders Steiner to cross into enemy territory and confer with American Colonel Rogers (Robert Mitchum) and General Webster (Rod Steiger) that the High Command of the German Army (Wehrmacht) is plotting to assassinate Hitler and would like to surrender. The plan fails and American forces launch an attack on German forces in St. Bologne where Stransky has planned an explosion to destroy both the Americans and civilian inhabitants.

Worldwar, Richard Burton, Rod Steiger, Helmut Griem, Klaus Loewitsch, Curt Juergens
Laufzeit: 92 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Fremdsprachen, English, Movies
Land: Deutschland
Produzent: Rapid Film e.K. - Wolf C. Hartwig
IMDb: tt0078320

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Stab & Besetzung

Aufgabe Name & Rolle Alter IMDb Link
Regie Andrew V. McLaglen nm0572132
Schauspieler Rod Steiger ...Gen. Webster nm0001768
Schauspieler Helmut Griem ...Maj. von Stransky nm0340926
Schauspieler Michael Parks ...Sgt. Anderson nm0662981
Schauspieler Werner Pochath ...Schütze Keppel nm0687847
Schauspieler Véronique Vendell ...Yvette (as Veronique Vendell) nm0892927
Schauspieler Horst Janson ...Capt. Berger nm0418111
Schauspieler Joachim Hansen ...Capt. Kistner nm0360889
Schauspieler Walter Ullrich ...Schütze Hauser nm0880578
Schauspieler Dieter Schidor ...Cpl. Paul Anselm nm0771365
Schauspieler Bruno Dietrich ...Schütze Nissen nm0226231
Schauspieler Sonja Jeannine ...Jeanette nm0419963
Schauspieler Günter Clemens ...Cpl. Dorfmann nm0166026
Schauspieler Michael Büttner ...Schütze Junghans (as Wolfgang Büttner) nm0127345
Schauspieler Dieter B. Gerlach ...Uffz. Klingsmann nm0314385
Schauspieler Günter Meisner ...SS-Offizier nm0577070
Schauspieler Curd Jürgens ...Gen. Hofmann nm0432007
Schauspieler Robert Mitchum ...Col. Rogers nm0000053
Schauspieler Michael Brennicke ...Soldier (voice: German version) (uncredited) nm0107528
Schauspieler Gernot Duda ...Several Roles (voice: German version) (uncredited) nm0240005
Schauspieler Arnold Marquis ...Col. Rogers (voice: German version) (uncredited) nm0549899
Schauspieler Edgar Ott ...Gen. Webster (voice: German version) (uncredited) nm0653024
Schauspieler Sieghardt Rupp ...Cpl. Rothe (uncredited) nm0750482
Schauspieler Hans-Jürgen Schatz ...Schulze (uncredited) nm0770221
Schauspieler Peter Thom ...Several Roles (voice: German version) (uncredited) nm0858376
Drehbuch Tony Williamson nm0932168
Produzent Wolf C. Hartwig nm0367322
Produzent Hubert Lukowski nm0525734
Produzent Ted Richmond nm0725159
Produzent Ludwig Spitaler nm0819113
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