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Antartica Project
Eighteen countries signed an agreement that they alone are guaranteed the right to decide the future of the last uninhabited continent on earth. This agreement came about in 1959 only because a most explosive issue had to be resolved: how to allocate the natural resources. For the last five years, these countries have been working feverishly, trying to recover lost time.
In closed session, they are negotiating difficult “mineral rights” that are governed under a prior agreement for raw material exploitation. In 1991, the existing moratorium in this agreement will be revised. Then, the race for the treasures of the white continent will begin.

On the12th of February, 1986, after 3 months in the pack ice of the Ross Sea, the Greenpeace decided to break off its first Arctic expedition. The worst winter weather in 15 years forced them to turn back. They want to establish an environmental protection organization in the Antarctic, in close proximity to the gigantic American McMurdo station. They do so to draw the world’s attention to this remote continent and symbolically declare the Antarctic a World Park.

Two years of preparation were suddenly for nothing. Only in the following years would the expedition be possible.
This film follows the expedition into this southern icy sea. A voyage to the earth’s most remote continent to fight the interests of the most powerful countries on earth. A voyage into the past of the “Terra Australis Incognita.” Stories of its discovery. A voyage into the threatened future of the last wilderness.

director Axel Engstfeld
co-writer Gisela Keuerleber
camera Bernd Mosblech
sound Karsten Ullrich, Michael Locken, Bruce Adams
editor Jean-Marc Lesguillons
musik Macel Wengler

theatrical release Premier: Berlin Festival, arthouse cinemas throughout Germany
awards German Camera Award, Main Award Festivals "Figueira da Fox" / Portugal, Bavarian Film Award 1989
Laufzeit: 94 min.
Sprache: Deutsch
Genre: Ausland, Sonstige, Dokumentationen, Natur - Tiere
Land: Antarktis
Produzent: Axel Engstfeld
IMDb: tt0094665

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