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The tunnel of Sarajevo (2008) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

The tunnel of Sarajevo
1994 Sarejwo under siege. A Tunnel is build under the runway. For 4 years this Tunnel becomes the only way in and out of the city.

A Google translation:

Sarajevo in May 1993: Round on the mountains are the Serbian troops with heavy equipment, there is no way out of the encircled city: No way out, no way in, no hope. On the night of desperate people trying to cross the runway of the airport. It is the only communication to the outside. But the airport is controlled by UN forces. Once the UNPROFOR soldiers discover schemes of refugees, dip the runway with huge spotlights in bright light and give people free to shoot down.

The rescue: a secret tunnel under the airport. 800 meters must be overcome, 2,800 cubic meters of earth alone with muscle power are moving.

With the simplest of means - shovel, pickaxe and wheelbarrow - succeeds unnoticed produce within four months of the UNPROFOR and Serbian besiegers a connection under the airport to the outside world.

The tunnel will be for years to lifeline of the city. Through the tunnel, only one meter wide and five feet high, creeps a stream of people in both directions, get groceries, gasoline, oil, drugs and weapons, especially in the city. Even a donated from Germany 12 megawatts of power cables and a fuel pipeline to be laid. The tunnel, this much is clear, has the besieged Sarajevo saved. True but is that the stores of many war profiteers had their beginning here.

The film tells the dramatic stories of the tunnel before, during and after construction. He shows how this tunnel has shaped the lives of people today.
Laufzeit: 90 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Documentarys, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Bosnien und Herzegowina
Produzent: Axel Engstfeld

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