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龍子之夢 (1988) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

CHINA 1988


憑藉此片,我們出去旅行過中國從南到北。什麼是中國年輕一代的生活夢想 - 龍的兒童 - 在今年1988年,當時的電影拍攝?




CHINA 1988

With this film we go on a trip through China from South to North. What are the dreams of life of the young chinese generation - THE DRAGON'S CHILDREN - in this year 1988 when the film was shot?

Pierre Hoffmann with a cameraman from India, a chinese team of technicians and three students travels from Shen Zen to Wuhan, by ship up the Yangtse River (when the Three Gorges Dam was not yet built) until Chongqing. From there eastward to Xian and up the Yellow River to Yenan and up to Inner Mongolia visiting people in a remote village where they live in caves and sleep on a firebed.

DREAMS OF THE DRAGON'S CHILDREN is a unique document of a moment of hope in China. People speaking out in this film are workers, students, peasants....

At the time Deng Xiaoping said that China should open a door to the outside, and, as he said, if you do so you cannot avoid that also mice come in. Maybe Hoffmann was one of these mice.
Laufzeit: 57 min.
Sprache: China
Genre: Chinese, Fremdsprachen
Land: China, Volksrepublik
Produzent: FAUST Film+Projekt

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