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Alaska´s white Pass & Yukon Route - The Gold Rush Railroad RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Alaska´s white Pass & Yukon Route - The Gold Rush Railroad
"Give me enough dynamite and snoose and l'll build a road to hell..."

...said Michael J. "Big Mike" Heney when told that the plan to build the 10 million dollar railroad had been scrapped. In the 1898, the impossible became reality. After just two years, the first train steamed over the famous White Pass.

To mark the 100th anniversary of this "Gold Rush Railroad", we shot a film that leaves nothing to be desired. Experience a train of sixteen historic cars, pulled by a Diesel, a steam driven snow plow in the icy wasted of Alaska, fascinating shots taken from the engineer's cab and as the climax a trip with a steam locomotive the meter-gauge Baldwin N°73 from Skagway, in South East Alaska, to popular Lake Bennett in Canada.

Again relive the dramatic times of the great Gold Rush in Alaska and enjoy the breathtaking, wild landscapes through which the mountain trians snake theirway.

This film was made with the help of three camera teams and the active cooperation on the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad, Skagway, Alaska.
Laufzeit: 55 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Trains, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Produzent: Desti

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