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Ache - The African Soul of Cuba (1995) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Ache - The African Soul of Cuba
By Google Translator:

A film full of music, magic and ecstasy of Elke Jonigkeit

A soup bowl is a soup bowl. A stone is a stone. But a stone in a soup bowl can be a god, an African Orisha who has survived all hostility, all the wrongs of centuries in secret. The slave ships brought his time not only workers to Cuba - but people: men, women and children with a fascinating thoughts and feelings, magical cults, rhythmic dances and songs - and with a sky full of gods.

In these times of extreme hardship, more and more people are thinking about the wisdom of her black ancestors, their survival strategies - not the least including their religious ideas.
Laufzeit: 57 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Documentarys, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Kuba
Produzent: Jonigkeit

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