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Wildlife in Mexico 2 - Forests and Lagoons (1994) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Wildlife in Mexico 2 - Forests and Lagoons
Tropical rain green-forest flourishes in the Chiapas Higlands, with drier forests along the Pacific coast. Bromelians abound in these forests, which are the hone of creatures such as coatis, chachalacas and snakes.

At the beginning of the rainy season, the Beaded Lizards go hunting and the land crabs embark on their journey towards to the sea. On the Yucatan peninsula, we find tropical thorn forest.

This is where the Mayas built their temple cities, such as Uxmal and Tulum. The coastal areas of Yucatan provide an ideal habitat for aquatic birds, fish, crustaceans and arachnids.
Laufzeit: 27 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Travel, Other, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Deutschland
Produzent: Lippoldmueller, Dr., Wieland

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