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Jungle Acrobats - Monkeys and Parrots in Costa Rica (2000) RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Jungle Acrobats - Monkeys and Parrots in Costa Rica
Where are we able to observe Monkeys and Parrots, undisturbed in their natural sur- roundings? In the small central American Republic of Costa Rica we still encountered numerous examples of these jungle acrobats.

In the high mist forests and the lowland rain forests, Spider Monkeys swing from branch to branch with their long arms, and high up at the top of these giant trees, the Scarlet Macaws demonstrate their climbing prowess and acrobatic artistry - interspersed with vaudeville show numbers - to celebrate the beginning of the mating season.

The small Squirrel Monkeys, also called Titis, show their gymnastic expertise in the brighter Cecropia trees around the coastal rain forests. Here they are easily spotted, but only for a short time. Titis hardly ever settle anywhere, that is, unless they find their favourite Guabo fruit tree.

Then one can enjoy at length the playful pranks of these spirited acrobats, with their daredevil jumps and rowdy knockabout behaviour. Their otherwise harmonious family idyll is emphasised by the caring females, the mothers and aunts, who carry the young permanently around with them.
Laufzeit: 43 min.
Sprache: English
Genre: Other, English, Fremdsprachen
Land: Deutschland
Produzent: Lippoldmueller, Dr., Wieland

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